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Kitten Heel

Kitten heels – small heels, big comeback

Kitten heels are the little sisters of high heels, because they measure five centimetres at most. In the 1950s, they famously became popular through Audrey Hepburn, but later – when higher heels grew more fashionable – they were thought somewhat conservative. Recently, the curvy heel celebrated a big comeback and can once again be seen at shows, on Instagram and in magazines. The advantages: way more comfortable than high heels, suitable for everyday wear and the office, feminine and exceedingly elegant and can be combined with a huge range of looks. Many women appreciate this versatility.

Kitten Heel – the scent

“Kitten Heel” by Roberto Ugolini was inspired by precisely these virtues. Fruity notes reminiscent of apricots form the prelude of the composition, accompanied by tropical ylang-ylang and a hint of rose typical of geraniums. Balsamic sweet, but also slightly woody tones flatter the heart of the scent, which features hints of patchouli, precious ambergris and creamy sandalwood. A touch of vanilla further elevates this feminine scent, whose delicately spicy character is underlined by sweet nuances of Tonka bean. Musk gently envelopes the creation, giving it a harmonious finish.

Like the kitten heels themselves, the eponymous perfume is an elegant, expressive companion for women, who like to reinterpret classic sophistication with modern pizzazz.

Scent pyramid

Top: fruity notes, ylang-ylang, geranium
Heart: guaiacum wood, patchouli, ambergris, sandalwood
Base note: vanilla, Tonka bean, musk

Kitten Heel

Roberto Ugolini – Kitten Heel


Good luck loafers

As a light and comfortable shoe that is easy to slip in and out of, the loafer is hugely popular with both men and women. Its exact origins are a bit of a mystery: some say, it is a moccasin with a European sole, while others think it might have been derived from a Norwegian farmers’ shoe. At any rate, in the 1930s, the slipper became popular at the American Ivy League universities, especially the penny loafer. This shoe has a leather strap across the upper with a slit big enough to hold a lucky penny. Loafers are comfy and casual shoes that are generally suitable for leisure time activities.

Loafer – the scent

The unisex scent “Loafer” first tantalises you with fruity hints of orange and a touch of clove, while the heart brims with delightfully floral ylang-ylang. Revel in the rose-like fragrance of geraniums, underlined by spicy nutmeg and precious ambergris. The whole composition creates a creamy and clean scent. The base notes of patchouli, vanilla and musk complete this modern interpretation of a chypre trio.

Roberto Ugolini’s “Loafer” is a multifaceted and classically elegant scent for men and women. It is pleasantly light, like a comfy loafer that gently hugs the foot.

Scent pyramid

Top: orange, clove
Heart: ylang-ylang, geranium, nutmeg, ambergris
Base note: patchouli, vanilla, musk

Roberto Ugolini - LOAFER


Oxfords – timeless noblesse

Hardly any other men’s shoe model is as popular as the Oxford, especially for festive occasions and grand entrances. It is a genuinely classic shoe, traditional, some would even say a little conservative. Especially in black, it is the perfect shoe to wear with a suit. It got its name from the students at Oxford University, who are said to have popularised this model in the middle of the 19th century; at a time when people generally wore boots, they defied convention by favouring this low shoe. This rebellious spirit has long since disappeared – on the contrary, like no other shoe, Oxfords represent timeless and traditional elegance.

Oxford – the scent

Like a reflection of light on a black polished shoe, the citrus notes of tart grapefruit and sweet orange shimmer above “Oxford’s” pepper heart. Aromatic, tingly, spicy-hot pepper merges with pink pepper, which gives the scent a very distinct character. It is dry, yet warm, and displays light and fruity notes. These may, at times, be reminiscent of roses, underlined by the green and rose-like nuances of geranium. The base notes are delicately woody cedar and sandalwood, accentuated by vetiver, a touch of patchouli and styrax resin.

“Oxford” by Roberto Ugolini stands for muted and natural class, for elegance without a lot of fuss. Pure understatement.

Scent pyramid

Top: grapefruit, orange
Heart: pepper, pink pepper, geranium leaves
Base note: cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, styrax resin

Roberto Ugolini - OXFORD

High Heel White

High Heel White

High heels signify pure femininity. It is usually elegant women’s shoes that are adorned by such high heels, from which they take their name. The high heels we know today emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. They became popular in Germany thanks to prominent and confident women such as the icon Marlene Dietrich. Whether on the catwalk, at work or in private, high heels are the epitome of femininity, seduction, elegance and grace. There is nothing quite like high heels worn with a sense of emancipation…

High Heel White possesses a seemingly endless heel. The wearer has a commanding presence. All eyes are on her. She radiates greatness, strength, self-confidence and style. She is totally and utterly feminine, the epitome of confidence and beauty; she is enveloped by a touch of seduction.

High Heel White – the Scent

Having been conceived of by creative head Herbert Stricker and realised by perfumers Christian Calabrò and Maurizio Cerizza, HIGH HEEL WHITE guarantees you a formidable presence thanks to its intensive fragrance concentration. The creation is wrapped in a sparkling, luminous haze of fresh lemon and tangerine. Fresh green galbanum and coriander lend the scent a soap-clean tone. The heart note first deepens this impression by its display of powdery iris, then combines it with notes of rose and geranium, lily of the valley and a nuance of sharp cardamom. You immediately think of a chypre, but the triad is not completed in the traditional manner. Instead of oak moss or musk in the base, we find finely-aromatic vanilla and tonka bean, sensual amber wood, a touch of earthy patchouli and the spiritual aura of incense and precious woods.

The HIGH HEEL WHITE scent is aimed at women. It is a perfume which has been created for the bride, the business women, the seductress and the achiever in equal measure.

Scent pyramid

Top note: Lemon, galbanum, tangerine, coriander
Heart note: Iris, cardamom, rose, lily of the valley, geranium
Base note: Vanilla, amber wood, tonka bean, patchouli, incense, precious woods

Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes

‘Blue Suede Shoes’ doesn’t just refer to blue suede footwear, but also a legendary piece of music history. The rock-’n’-roll song of the same name by Carl Perkins came out in 1956 and is one of the most successful singles of all time. A somewhat faster cover version of the track was recorded by the King, Elvis Presley, before the year was out. Even though it wasn’t intended to be released as a single, it hit the singles charts and earned the song fame all over the world. Loaded with humour, the lyrics are about someone with an all-consuming love for his blue suede shoes, something which becomes clear from the text when he declares, among other things: “Do what you want, knock me down, burn my house, steal my car…but stay off of my blue suede shoes.”

Blue Suede Shoes – the Scent

Such dynamic inspiration can only result in a vigorous fragrance. The concept developed by creative director Herbert Stricker has been realised by perfumers Blanca Dalmau and Christian Carbonnel.

BLUE SUEDE SHOES presents us with a fresh, herbal and aromatic mixture right from the start. Bitter bergamot and aromatic lavender are finely accentuated by anise and pepper. The heart notes provide a wood-dominated and rather dry main theme. Cedarwood contributes to this significantly, though restrained patchouli, fine amber and creamy sandalwood also lend to this character. A soft base underlays the fresh and wooden fragrance with harmoniously blended components such as vetiver, tonka bean and labdanum.

The elegant steel-blue vial adds to the impression that BLUE SUEDE SHOES is an expressive citrus fragrance which men, but also women, will appreciate in equal measure.

Scent pyramid

Top note: Bergamot, lavender, anise, pepper
Heart note: Patchouli, amber, cedar wood, sandal wood
Base note: Vetiver, tonka bean, labdanum

17 Rosso

17 Rosso

“17 Rosso” – the explanation for this mysterious combination of number and colour lies in Florence´s system of postal adress: red – “rosso” – house numbers signify commercial locations as opposed to private residences. If you want to pay Roberto Ugolini´s workshop, Via dei Michelozzi 17, a personal visit you´ll need to say “17 rosso” to the driver – otherwise you could easily end up somewhere completely different. Once you’ve mastered this charming Florentine hurdle, you’ll find yourself in front of the inconspicuous doors of a shoemaker between an osteria and a café. The world of the traditional craft that presents itself to you here is as fascinating as the door is simple. The finest materials and artistic ingenuity are paired together by a passion for the exceptional. Roberto Ugolini stands for uncompromising quality and an extravagant Italian style, second to none. Cherished worldwide, the master has become one of the greatest bespoke shoemakers of his generation.

17 Rosso  – the Scent

17 ROSSO embodies a passion for extraordinary craftsmanship like no other fragrance. To emphasise this, 17 Rosso also has an exceptionally high aromatic oil concentration of up to 30%, making it an extrait de parfum.

As with all of the scents in the collection, the concept was originally developed by Herbert Stricker; realisation in this case lay with perfumers Christian Calabrò and Maurizio Cerizza.

Your expectation of an impressive scent is already heightened by the head notes: fruity white peach stands out from among them, surrounded by leathery-seeming saffron, cool mint and green raspberry leaves. Added to that is fruity cananga oil from the tropical plant cananga odorata, also known as ylang-ylang. The heart reveals itself through rich damask rose, fruity and spicy pink pepper as well as notes of peony, all of which have been rounded off with peppery nasturtium. Balsamic styrax resin, sweetly floral ambrette seeds and woody amyris form the base together with vetiver and cedar wood.

17 ROSSO is a truly unisex scent. The vial has been lacquered in a stimulating metallic red, matching this wonderful house number in Florence.

Scent pyramid

Top note: Mint, saffron, cananga, white peach, raspberry leaves
Heart note: Damask rose, pink pepper, peony, nasturtium
Base note: Styrax, ambrette seed, amyris, vetiver, cedar wood



Every Florentine knows this special lion: Marzocco. This noble heraldic animal — one of Florence’s symbols — holds in its paw a shield on which the Florentine lily appears. The sculpture, created by the sculptor Donatello in 1420, can be seen today in the Museo del Bargello, and a copy made of sandstone can be found prominently and unmissably in the Piazza della Signora, in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. In turn, the Florentine lily is the stylised orris or iris, which is “girded” in this heraldic representation, what means the leaves are held together with a ribbon. Roberto Ugolini’s Marzocco bottle, in violet, turns out to be very Florentine as well, paying homage to the club coat of arms and jersey colour of ACF Fiorentina, the city football club deified in Italy.

Marzocco  – the Scent

The mane of the proud Marzocco shines in bright colours under the Italian sun, with the fruity and tangy citrus notes of mandarin, lime and lemon embodying the spirit of the Italian summer. Magnificent orange blossoms and beguiling jasmine exude their unique, enchanting noblesse, which pays tribute to the “Marzocco”, this famous lion and king of the jungle. Filigree, well-balanced and elegant, the base is a skilfully balanced blend of tart, spicy vanilla accents with fine, mystical patchouli, dry cedar wood, powdery musk and a selection of the finest wood species.

Marzocco once again shows the mastery of Maurizio Cerizza and Cristian Calabrò’s highly experienced noses, perfectly executing the ideas of creative head Herbert Stricker. With this composition, the Marzocco symbol is brought back to life after an almost 600-year sleep. An olfactory renaissance for connoisseurs and lovers of excellent perfumes.

Scent pyramid

Top note: Mandarine, Lime, Lemon
Heart note: Orange Blossom, Jasmin
Base note: Vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood, musk, precious woods

Derby – the stylish allrounder

It is said that this popular men’s shoe style can be traced back to a Count of Derby, who was very particular about his footwear. To accommodate his high instep, a shoe that was also easier to lace was developed for him, resulting in a more wearable version of the classic shoe styles available until then. This model became a real stylish allrounder, which could be worn with both elegant and casual outfits. The Derby fragrance by Roberto Ugolini is inspired by this classic shoe. A universally wearable perfume for the confident gentleman of today. This composition transforms into a playful, easily recognisable calling card, because it becomes one with its wearer. It is precisely this wonderfully symbiotic and adaptable property that led to the choice of black for the colour of the vial.

Derby – the fragrance

The first step we take on this seductive scent journey is a real kick of refreshingly herbaceous aroma. Mainly responsible for this remarkably lively top note is the distinctive combination of cardamom and basil leaves. As we venture further down the fragrant path towards the heart note, we meet surprising yet welcome companions. Cinnamon bark, caraway and myrrh lead the way as we gradually amble towards the base note. As the horizon comes into view, we are greeted by green patchouli and precious cedarwood.

“Derby” by Roberto Ugolini is the reliable navigator for the stylish and goal-oriented man.

Scent pyramid

Top note: mugwort, basil leaves, cardamom
Heart note: lady of the night, allspice, cinnamon rind, caraway, myrrh
Base note: green patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, birch, musk


Azzurro — was the big hit of 1968, composed by Paolo Conte, but immortalised by Adriano Celentano. In his unmistakable way, he sang about the azure blue of the sky in summer and the longing for a distant love. The song has often been reinterpreted, quite appropriately by the Azzurri, the Italian national football team, who reinterpreted it after they won the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Azure blue, a colour to dream about. This blue was already an object of fascination for ancient Egyptians in the form of lapis lazuli, and the coastal region Côte d’Azur received its name because of it. Today it adorns not only the jerseys of the Squadra Azzurra, but — as a bow to Italy — also this bottle from Roberto Ugolini.

Azzurro – the scent

Azzuro introduces itself with a wonderful, fruity opening. In the place where one’s tilted nose usually encounters plentiful citrus fruits, here it’s solely the tart glow of grapefruit, followed by distinct and delicious strawberry notes, accompanied by coconut and a fruity/spicy hint of pink pepper. At its heart is a completely unpretentious rose, which, in a restrained but decisive fashion, channels the davana — reminiscent of dried fruit — and the tart/cheerful blackcurrant. It’s also surrounded by a tingling, luxurious champagne accent and an almost translucent, spring-like magnolia. The composition is rounded off by sensual ambery and deeply woody tones in the base as well as a fruity musk.

Under the aegis of Creative Director Herbert Stricker, the perfumery duo of Maurizio Cerizza and Cristian Calabrò have created a masterpiece of perfumery art. Azzurro — much more than just a song — a boon for the soul. Dedicated to the infinite blue of the sky.

Scent pyramid

Top note: Grapefruit, strawberry, coconut, pink pepper
Heart note: Damask rose, davana, blackcurrant, champagne, magnolia
Base note: Amber wood, fruity musk